From the Pastor's Desk

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ!

It has been a very long summer and yet time is flying by so quickly we cannot keep up. There are many things in store and we hope you stay tuned. Better yet, we hope you get involved. The hour is late and victory demands that we get in the battle.

We have been sitting on the sideline for far too long, content to complain rather then make a difference. And even if our skeptics are correct at least we go down holding our heads high knowing we gave all for the cause of Jesus Christ.

Yet, I am confident that Yahweh will grant us the victory. No, it is not going to be easy. However, anything worth having is not easy. Though the road will be difficult and perilous through Christ we can be victorious.

We are excited to have our website back up again. We have been going through many problems but the Lord has seen us through. He is able to deliver and will deliver!

We hope to have back up and running again soon as well. We feel that you will enjoy the plans we have for our internet ministry.

There are many things coming that will be of great interest. Some are very controversial but oh what a relief it will be to leave the fear, apathy, and kooky ideas behind.

I have had the opportunity and privilege to speak all over the Midwest this year. For this reason some of our other ministries have suffered some in the amount of time I have been able to put into them. Plus I have been to Montgomery, Alabama twice to defend the 10 Commandments, uphold the Crown Rights of Jesus Christ, proclaim the authority of the Law of God, stand up for State's Rights, and declare that we must obey God rather then men.

We will also be speaking in Texas and Oklahoma later this year and am looking forward to these opportunities.

Coming soon:

Keep the momentum going! Let's take America back! Together we can make a difference!

Please keep us in your prayers! We’ve come this far by faith, so there’s no turning back now!

In His service,

James Brown Jr.