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Many different individuals and organizations are attempting to turn the 10 Commandments issue into a lot of other things then what it really is. Some are trying to find fault in the way the case in Alabama is being handled. Yet no one questions that this attempt to spread dis-unity could be an attempt from our enemies to keep us divided instead of coming together to lay this very important foundation.

Yet, unity in the Law of God is exactly what this issue has been accomplishing. It is uniting Christians in upholding the Crown Rights of Jesus Christ and the Law of God. I have been to Montgomery, Alabama and I have heard the speeches and talked to those involved. This issue is about the rule of Law and what constitutes Law.

Still yet, others are trying to find fault in Judge Roy Moore and some are trying to use this to promote their own agendas. Yet, the real sadness of the situation lies in the fact that this is a foundational issue. We have a real chance to uphold and establish a foundation on which nothing can be built without it and many of our brethren are finding ways to chicken out. It is a sad commentary on the apathy, cowardice, and kooky ideas of many professing Christians.

The time has come to put our money, our time, and our efforts where our mouth is. We have been spewing out rhetoric for some time and now the time has come to make our stand. There is a time for everything and the time now is to stand for the Crown Rights of Jesus Christ, for His Law and establish these foundational truths in our land.

Anyone who will not stand now I say they are a coward. "...Cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood (Jeremiah 48:10)." The time to stand and take back ground is now. We must utilize this opportunity to lay this foundation.

Since many seem to be confused about this issue we are going to take the time in this article and explain why this is a foundational issue. Although there are many other important truths that need to be established we will never establish anything unless we lay this important foundation.

Crown Rights of Jesus Christ

“The Supreme Court of the United States of America, and her sister federal courts throughout the land, have done all in their power to erase the name of Jesus from the hearts of our children, our schools, our work places, and the public square. They have declared war on Almighty God and we, the Church of Jesus Christ, will resist them. No longer do we hold their decisions binding upon us, upon our children, or upon our nation,” -Reverend Flip Benham, Director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America.

The first reason why this is a foundational issue is because it is about the Crown Rights of Jesus Christ. Myron Thompson has ruled that the display of the 10 Commandments is a violation of our laws. Myron Thompson has ordered Judge Moore to remove this monument because the Federal government has for many years attempting to dethrone Jesus Christ and make Caesar lord.

The Federal Court has said that the Word of God is not welcome nor is it the authority of our nation. Yet, to resist this order is to say that Judge Thompson is not king nor is he God. The resistance against this ruling is in compliance with Blackstone who said that any law that is contrary to the Law of God is null and void. This principle was paramount in the foundation of this nation and it is being revived in Montgomery, Alabama. Establishing this principle again is crucial for our future hope.

I have been to Montgomery and I have heard the defiance against Myron Thompson telling him that there is another king, one Jesus (Acts 17:7). This issue is not about a monument, it is not about Judge Roy Moore, nor is it about symbols but about the rule and reign of Jesus Christ. It is about Judicial and Federal tyranny in destroying our foundations.

"Well, I support people standing up for their rights, and if they don't stand up for their rights now, they'll have them completely taken away. The rights come from God, as stated in the Declaration, ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights...’" -Chief Justice Roy Moore, interview on Hannity and Combs.

According to the Word of God, Jesus Christ is the Creator of all things and therefore this issue is about His authority and the unalienable rights that have been endowed to us by Jesus Christ.

Authority of the Law of God

"Our justice system is founded upon the laws of God. If you look at the Declaration, you see it very plainly in the first sentence." -Chief Justice Roy Moore, interview on Hannity and Combs.

This issue in Montgomery, Alabama is also about the authority of the Law of God. Is God's Law supreme or man's? This issue is being addressed because of the battle over the monument and many Christians are now being presented with the truth concerning God's Law. Although many Christians have been lied to and deceived, yet, because of this case they are now being presented with a foundational truth that has been removed from the church. They are no longer without excuse for both the righteous and the wicked are being warned.

All across America the message of the validity of God's Law is being proclaimed. No my friends, this issue is not about Judge Moore but about the authority of the Law/Word of God. Though, I thank God for Judge Moore and his stand on this issue is not about a Judge displaying a monument, no, this issue is about the foundation of all Law.

The Bible says in Isaiah 33:22 that "Yahweh is our judge, Yahweh is our lawgiver, Yahweh is our king..." Jesus Christ who is God and besides Him there is no other, is that Lawgiver. This issue is about the true source of Law and the only One who is able to write Law, which is none other than Jesus Christ.

State's Rights

"Not only does Judge Thompson put himself above the law, but above God, as well. I say enough is enough. We must "dare defend our rights" as Alabama's state motto declares. No judge or man can dictate what we believe or in whom we believe. The Ninth and 10th Amendments are not a part of the Constitution simply to make the Bill of Rights a round number. The Ninth Amendment secured our right as a people. The 10th guaranteed our right as a sovereign state. Those are the rules of law." -Chief Justice Roy Moore, In God I Trust.

Another aspect of this conflict that is being largely ignored by those outside of Montgomery, Alabama is that of State's rights. According to our nation's covenant the Federal government has no authority to address this issue.

The First Amendment states, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or the free exercise thereof..." No law means no law. The Federal government has no authority or power in this issue. Why then are they even addressing the issue? The Tenth Amendment says, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people." The state of Alabama and every other state has the right to acknowledge God and even establish religion collectively.

" The 10th Amendment guaranteed our right as a sovereign state." -Chief Justice Roy Moore, press conference, August 21, 2003.

Disobedience to the Law of Man

"It goes on to say in the next sentence that government is there to secure the rights God gave us, and if it shouldn't secure them, it should be abolished." -Chief Justice Roy Moore, interview on Hannity and Combs.

" If the “rule of law” means to do everything a judge tells you to do, we would still have slavery and the Declaration of Independence would never have been written. -Chief Justice Roy Moore, press conference, August 21, 2003.

This issue belongs to the states and not some liberal activist judge who seeks to impose his will upon us. Whether you like it or not that is our national covenant which presently resides in the Constitution that both Judge Roy Moore and Myron Thompson have sworn to uphold.

"One of the great influences on the Founding Fathers, common law sage William Blackstone, once pointed out that judges do not make laws, they interpret them. No judge has the authority to impose his will on the people of a state, and no judge has the constitutional authority to forbid public officials from acknowledging the same God specifically mentioned in the charter documents of our nation, the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution." -Chief Justice Roy Moore, In God I Trust.

The Federal government has been imposing their will upon us and has usurped powers which do not belong to them and in Montgomery, Alabama we are saying "enough is enough." What we are saying is that we are not going to take it anymore.

Some are saying that to defy a court order is a violation of the rule of law. However, it is Myron Thompson and the Federal government who is violating the rule of Law. This country was founded upon the Law/Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That is why this is a foundational issue. We shall establish this principal once again.

What many Christians do not understand is that violating any law or ruling that is not according to the Law/Word of God or the Constitution is in fact no law at all. Our forefathers wrote in the Declaration of Independence, "But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

The Alabama Constitution also states this same principle in Section 3 where it states that "they have at all times an inalienable and indefeasible right to change their form of government in such manner as they may deem expedient."

"The question is our forefathers gave their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to establish this country on God. Are we going to give up that inalienable right? Because it's very serious if we do. When we forget where our rights come from, then government will take them from us." -Chief Justice Roy Moore, interview on Hannity and Combs.

"Well, it's not my way, Alan. What I'm doing is upholding my oath to the constitution of Alabama. You've got to understand that the justice system is established on acknowledging God and I am the chief administrative officer of the justice system. If a judge tells me I can't acknowledge God, he tells me I can't do my duty. I have got to uphold the rule of law. The rule of law goes back to our Declaration of Independence as described by the United States..." -Chief Justice Roy Moore, interview on Hannity and Combs.

Pastor Chuck Baldwin concurs that it is the Federal judge who is breaking the law and not Chief Justice Roy Moore. In an August 26, 2003 article entitled Civil Disobedience Is Consistent With Christian Conduct and With History, Pastor Baldwin wrote:

"While Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore's refusal to remove a Ten Commandments display from the Alabama Judicial Building in Montgomery is not, in strict terms, civil disobedience, many people see it that way. Actually, the federal judge who ordered the monument's removal, Myron Thompson, and those who support him are guilty of breaking the law!"

All throughout our history one of the foundational principles which has brought liberty is the right to resist tyranny. Without that principle there would have never been a United States of America. Yet, this Christian duty was acknowledged by our Forefathers because of the preaching of colonial pastors whose pulpits were ablaze in liberty. If we are going to see a revival in America the pulpits must once again be set ablaze in the liberty of Christ.

Pastor Baldwin went on in his article to show that this was the perspective of our Forefathers. He wrote, "In our Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson wrote, 'That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends [to secure God-given rights], it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it.' Furthermore, Benjamin Franklin said, 'Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.' In like manner, one of history's most respected church fathers, St. Augustine, said, 'Evil law is no law at all.'"

Even though some are stating that this is criminal let us remember that Peter said "we must obey God rather then men." Peter's disobedience to man was obedience to the Law. It is God and His Law/Word which is our final authority and not the Federal Courts.

We have set before us a wonderful opportunity re-establish America's foundations and rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Many of our brethren seem willing to let this opportunity pass us by because of trivial issues, defeatism, and cowardice. The Independent Christian Action Network calls for all Law-keeping Christians to rise up and defend the Law/Word of God as our foundation of Law and justice.

Those who will not stand for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ at this time when they are most needed shall forever be remembered in the same light as Benedict Arnold. The call has sounded forth from Montgomery, Alabama all throughout our land to resist those who seek to enslave us and to fight for the cities of our God.

We encourage all churches, Christians, and organizations to be salt and light in their community and to sound forth the trumpet that shall never sound retreat. Let us rally around the banner of our Lord Jesus Christ and not just give lip service to those making the stand in Montgomery. May we make our stand in our local communities as well.

Let each one of us who claim that Jesus is our King resolve ourselves to the battle and stand as Chief Justice Roy Moore has stood and "reclaim our moral foundation of law." Will we as the church of Jesus Christ shine forth the light of God's Law/Word or will we hide our light under a bushel?

"When I ran for the office of chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, I made a pledge to restore the moral foundation of law,...[for] the beginning of the restoration of the moral foundation of law to our people and a return to the knowledge of God in our land." -Chief Justice Roy Moore, quoted by Baptist Press News, October 18, 2002.

"And neither will we hide the truth. I will not violate my oath. I cannot forsake my conscience. I will not neglect my duty and I will never deny the God upon Whom our laws and Country depend." -Chief Justice Roy Moore, press conference, August 21, 2003.



James Brown Jr. is the pastor of Union Christian Church in Martinsville, Indiana and director of the Independent Christian Action Network. You can visit their web site at www.theonomy.org. Pastor Brown can be e-mailed at jbrown@reliable-net.net.


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