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It Ain't Just a Southern Thang and All Like That by James Brown Jr.

Watchman, What of the Night? by Ed Glasgow

4 Keys needed to bring this Nation back under the Kingdom of Yahweh by Ed Glasgow

Proclamation to the Church

The Gospel of the Kingdom by Gary Padgett

What must I do to be saved? by Ed Glasgow

A Foundational Issue by James Brown Jr.

Real Men Love Jesus by James Brown Jr.

Separation of Church and State Myth  by James Brown Jr.

An Open Letter to the Remnant of Jesus Christ by James Brown Jr.



WAKE UP AMERICA!  Learn about the Curse of not obeying GOD in Deuteronomy


Sodomy Position flyer  Educate others about Sodomy using the Bible!

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What must I do to be saved ? 

by Union Christian Church Pastor Ed Glasgow

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Under the direction of the Word of God it is the duty of the pastor to feed the flock for the spiritual growth and maturity of the sheep of God's pasture.  In this modern age of compromised churches we realize that many sheep are scattered abroad without the benefit of a good local church.

All articles written are the expressed views of the author.  Though we agree with the general content Union Christian Church may or may not entirely agree with every aspect of the article or every belief of the author.  


We have posted articles from the pastors of Union Christian Church, pastors of other churches, and laymen which we feel are beneficial for the edification of believers and the conversion of unbelievers.

We also realize that many times greater distances and the hustle of this modern age keeps the body too exhausted.  Therefore, we are providing you with this resource center to equip Christians for service and battle.


Whether you are a pastor, layman, teacher, etc., if you " wish to tend the flock" and would like to submit an article, printed sermon, etc., please send to:

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Hear O Israel the LORD thy God is one Lord !!!


Salvation  The Bible as hate speech?

Unleavened bread  The War 

Making league with false gods

What is GOD's position on Homosexuals?





God's Covenant People

Yesterday, Today and Forever

by Ted R. Weiland


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