About Union Christian Church 


Union Christian Church is an independent local church of redeemed covenanted Israel.  We are dedicated to creating a new nation under God and defending the faith of our fathers.  We are committed to preserving our Christian American, European, and Biblical heritage by pro-active tactics not just defensive measures.


Who are we?



We believe that the Bible is the final authority for faith and practice and every spirit must be discerned by rightly dividing the Word of truth.  For more information about what we believe please visit our Doctrinal Statement.  You may also be interested in listening to our past radio broadcasts, our sermon of the week, or reading one of the many articles written by our pastors or friends of this ministry.

Union Christian Church is best described as Presbyterian in government, Pentecostal in God's oneness, Armenian in evangelistic zeal, Calvinistic in reliance on God, Baptist in baptismal mode, Church of Christ in baptism's importance, and Wesleyan in holiness.

By these descriptions who do not mean to imply that these groups are entirely correct on these issues nor entirely wrong on other issues.  It is just meant to give you an understanding of what we are about.










For example, by "Wesleyan in holiness" we do not imply that our women dress like the women in the 1800's but we don't necessarily think its such a bad idea either.  However, what we mean by "Wesleyan in holiness" is that the importance that has been placed upon holiness by many Wesleyan groups is the same attitude with which we seek to possess.  It is our desire to purify ourselves even as He is pure (1 John 3:3).However, our concern is not tradition but what does the Bible say about holiness.

Union Christian Church is involved in the reformational movement to restore the church back to Biblical authority, purpose, and function. 




Is There Not A Cause?





The cost and the needs are great. Will you not at least commit to daily prayer for this ministry? Our commitment is to proclaim the truth of God's Word without compromise. The time is becoming very short for Christians to turn back the liberal tide that is about to overwhelm our nation. Biblical Christianity is perishing from our nation. The time has come for Christians to stand up for our God, our nation, and our posterity. This nation was founded upon Christianity and the Bible, the inspired Word of God. When righteous leaders were in authority the government protected our religion and our morality. Now it is the sodomite and the false religions that are protected. We are now seeing reverse discrimination against those whom uphold the Bible and Christianity. Hate laws and anti-terrorist legislation have been put in place, not for the purpose of punishing evil doers who commit rape, murder, theft, and other crimes against the innocent, but to trample down Bible-believing Christians. In New York City, Leviticus 18:22 is now considered hate speech. In Martinsville, Indiana, the Assistant Chief of Police was criticized because he publicly spoke out against pluralism and homosexuality. There are many other examples that show that these new laws are not aimed at the criminal but are to make criminals out of Christians. Numerous anti-abortion protesters have been given jail time for nothing more than standing on a public sidewalk praying and passing out literature. We as Christians should be outraged. The time has come to stand if we are to return this nation back to God. If we do not the worse is yet to come. When you are standing there with the decision of whether you will deny Christ, knowing that you will go to jail and your children or grandchildren ripped from your arms to be taken in the custody of the reprobate state, you will think back to these days and wish to God you had done more. Join the reformation today, before it is too late and let's return this nation back to its God and King.

"When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn." -Proverbs 29:2



Sunday Morning Worship Service - 10:00 a.m.



Worship is a vital part of the ministry of the church. It is the central activity, which is the basis of all other things that we do. We should worship God in every day of our lives but God has chosen one day a week to be set aside for a Sabbath. It is a rest from all of our labor and work. He desires for us to assemble ourselves together for the purpose of singing praises, participating in prayer, hearing the word of God, so that we might be strengthened and edify our brethren. Then, as we work for God, we will have the strength, courage, and knowledge to fight a good fight.




Kingdom Builders Meeting

      Though we gather to engage in prayer and petition to God, we also know that training is one of the many things missing from the modern church. Discipleship has been neglected for too long. We have reaped the results of this neglect having churches full of Biblically illiterate people. We can not reclaim our nation unless we have the knowledge to do so. Our Kingdom Builders meeting is designed to equip the Christian with the knowledge to reclaim our homes, church, and civil government back to Christ. It is our goal to strengthen the family, the church, and Biblical government under Christ. We do not presently have a scheduled meeting but hold special events in the hope of making this a regularly scheduled meeting. Please sign up to our e-mail or postal mail list to receive meeting information.    

Audio Cassette Ministry

        We provide a Tapes of the Month ministry for those who are not able to attend our service, or would like to use them to reach others. We send out two tapes each month. We also have a tape list of previous sermons that have been preached at out church and the guest speakers we have had. You may receive two tapes per month. We request an offering of at least $8 per month in order to support this ministry. You may also order individual tapes from our tape list, sent out upon request, for $4 per tape. This includes postage.



Independent Christian ActionNetwork (I.C.A.N.) 




"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."
I.C.A.N. is a ministry of Union Christian Church. It is an outreach to other Conservative Christian organizations, ministries, and churches. Though it is also educational and reformational, as with all functions of Union Christian Church, its purpose is primarily to unite Christians to take action for Biblical causes. We seek to build this through independent Kingdom Builder groups under the direction of local churches, Bible study groups, conservative Christian organizations, etc. As this develops we will establish a monthly meeting for the representatives of these different groups to coordinate actions to defend and promote Biblical principles in our community. These meetings are temporarily being held every 2nd Friday of each month.



I.C.A.N. Kingdom Builders Report


  Our newsmagazine is a monthly publication with the latest news that the mainstream media is ignoring. Stay up to date with the latest reports and articles concerning current events. Each issue also has articles from various writers dealing with family, church, and governmental issues from a Biblical perspective. Subscriptions are available for $24 a year (12 issues). $12 for six months (6 issues). Sample copies are $2.    


        Our website is updated as often as possible and as time becomes more available this shall increase



E-Alerts and E-Newsletter



        We send out periodical e-mail updates and a monthly E-Newsletter concerning the church and its different ministries. Our updates also keep the reader informed concerning important news reports, articles, events, etc.    
    Defending the Faith and Serving the Lost Sheep of Israel